Welcome to the Online Designer!

Getting The Best Print
To get the best print use high quality artwork and images that aren't blurry when you zoom in. A PNG file is the best option but you can upload a PDF, EPS, JPG or GIF.

Sizing & Product Info
Please remember to check the size chart before you complete your order. You can find out more about the fit and size by clicking the Product Info button on the next screen.

Garment Colours
While all efforts have been taken to ensure garments appear true to their colour, there may be a teeny weeny variance due to camera flash, room lighting or even your computer screen. The little colour block is pretty spot on.

FREE Background Removal
Yep, free! Just click the Remove Background button and we'll remove the solid colour background from your image for you. If you require the background removed from a photo please ask us in the note section at checkout.

If you get stuck feel free to email us at or give us a call at and we'll walk you through it!
OK, time to get creative, have fun!

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