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At Inkworkx, we make it easy for our customers to order exactly what they want – regardless of the quantity. As popular as our single print services are, we're also happy to extend bulk orders to our customers as well.

Our printing options

We are proud to offer two unique types of printing services: screen printing and direct-to-garment printing (DTG for short).

The cost of set up

The first thing that you'll need to know when ordering in bulk is that DTG offers zero set up fees, whilst screen printing does pose a few extra costs. To ensure the quality of our products our team will set up screens, prepare film, mix inks and undergo a few test prints – just for your reassurance.
DTG allows us to print directly onto a garment, so we simply line pieces up and let our facilities take care of the rest. We'd suggest that for orders over 50 pieces (although 30 to 35 are still suitable) you should opt for screen printing, as it can be far more economical.

The quality of our prints

Screen printing can offer resolutions of up to 160dpi making it ideal for batch prints – but if it's finer quality and detail preservation that you're after, then our DTG options may be better suited to your needs (offering up to 720dpi resolution).
There are over 16 million colors available when choosing our DTG options and as you might imagine, that can allow for pretty incredible designs! These colors include the full scale of hues between black and white (excluding neon).
When converted to our printing format (RGB), the results will be amazingly detailed – but the colors might vary slightly from your computer screen, or designing tool.
On the opposite side of the scale, screen printing can match Pantone color in its entirety. Thanks to the thicker consistency of the pigment used in our ink it can create bright, eye catching color combinations - including both metallic and that hard-to-achieve neon vibrancy!

Our guarantee to you

Whichever printing method you prefer to use – you can rest assured that quality is our top priority.
Once printed, the ink will dry and become extremely durable. As screen printing will settle ink just above the fabric, it will feel a little more rubbery (as it forms its own layer) – but this only adds to its overall wear-ability.
When deciding on which method will work best for you, it really does come down to your personal preferences. If it's a durable, vibrant set of garments that you're after you won't go wrong with screen printing, but if you prefer detail and style then DTG could well be the way to go.
We price our bulk orders based on the inks used and time for preparation. For further information, take a look at the examples below for an idea of how we work out colors. If you're hoping to print on white, then simply add up the colors in your palette. If your apparel is darker, then it will need a white base first, so be sure to add an extra layer of ink to get a better idea of the costs involved.
Our team are always on hand to offer further advice, so why not get in touch with us right now – or simply place an order and we'll take care of all of the above for you!

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